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Job applications get overwhelming…

Job Search Maze

• Job descriptions (JDs) tend to be verbose, making them harder to read.
• Finding key role requirements from those JDs can be tedious.
• Concisely matching your expertise to job requirements is challenging.
• Creating impressive LinkedIn/Twitter profiles gets tricky without proper guidance.

Job Application Blues

• Feeling weary of decoding those long job descriptions? (JDs)?
• You spend hours crafting impactful cover letters, yet they don't quite feel right.
• Whether you're a wordsmith or not, writing steals away your precious time.
• Do you wish you had a personal assistant to lift this burden?

Career Craft AI

• Let our AI tools decode lengthy job descriptions, matching job requirements with your profile.
• Effortlessly craft compelling, personalized cover letters using our AI tools.
• Elevate your LinkedIn/Twitter presence by leveraging our AI tools to enhance your profiles.
• Transform your job application process into a faster, smoother experience with Career Craft AI by your side.

You only get 6-7 seconds to impress the recruiter/hiring manager. Make the most of it!

How It Works?

Write Cover Letters with AI

  1. Enter the job details & your brief resume summary.
  2. Select your preferences.
  3. Click 'Create'.
Your tailored cover letter will be ready in just a few seconds.

Revamp Your Profiles with AI

  1. Use your current profile.
  2. Choose your style: Professional, Informal etc.
  3. Hit 'Create'.
Your revamped profile is ready impress your network on LinkedIn/Twitter.

AI Tools for Resume/CV

  • Get personalized resume feedback with expert suggestions to make your resume stand out.
  • Create powerful resume summary, perfect for LinkedIn or cover letters.
New launch: Resume Feedback.

Faster & Easier Job Applications with Our AI Tools!

Did you know tailored cover letters get over 50% more interviews? Plus, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to discover talent. With an impressive profile, you are 3 times more likely to be contacted. Recruiters decide within 6-7 seconds of reading your profile and cover letter. Make those seconds count — craft compelling cover letters and professional profiles effortlessly with Career Craft AI.
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[Sources for Stats: (1) Cover Letter Success, (2) LinkedIn Usage, (3) Profile Impact, (4) Recruiter Attention.]


Career Craft AI is a game-changer!

The 'Write Cover Letter with AI' tool was a game-changer for me when applying for Cloud Architect roles, which often have varied responsibilities. The tool is easy to use, and the results exceeded my expectations. It perfectly aligns skills and experience with job requirements, producing impactful cover letters with a human touch. It's effective and saved me countless hours of efforts.
— Swaroopanand Godse (UK)
AWS Solution Architect  

Excellent cover letters

Craft Craft helped me create excellent drafts that I could easily refine to make it on the hiring manager's short list of candidates to invite for an interview! It saves an incredible amount of time while creating cover letters!
— Joe Callender (USA)
Systems Thinker  

Highly recommended.

Career Craft's AI tools have truly transformed my professional writing. It is like having a personal writing assistant that helps me craft standout cover letters and refine my social media bios. I've mostly used these AI tools to enhance my online presence, resulting in a noticeable boost to my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking impressive cover letters and professional profiles.
— Shivam Dewan (India)
Product Designer  

Tailored cover letters save time

Career Craft AI helps you tailor your cover letters for each job application, significantly reducing the time spent on each. This means you can apply for more job opportunities and increase your odds for your next big role.
— Kunal Modi (USA)
Sr. SDE, Ex Amazon  

Career Craft AI makes bio writing a breeze.

I effortlessly updated my LinkedIn and Twitter bios from Career Craft AI tool. It is a great tool with a simple interface which makes the daunting task of bio writing a breeze.
— Raman Balyan (India)
Cloud Architect/Consultant  


Pick the perfect plan for you – no monthly fees, just a one-time payment. Each plan includes unique credits for cover letters, resume feedback, summaries, LinkedIn/Twitter bios, and comes with a specific validity period. Try it out with a free trial before upgrading to a paid plan.

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  • 25 Credits (2 cover letters or 5 bios)
  • 15-Day Validity
  • Limited AI Toolkit
  • Credit Card NOT Required
  • Discount Code: TRYFREE New code*

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  • 300 Credits (30 cover letters or 60 bios)
  • 6-Month Validity
  • Entire AI Toolkit
  • No recurring fees
  • Discount Code: ASP29

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • CareerCraftAI is your go-to AI-powered platform for faster and easier job applications. It specializes in creating customized cover letters, crafting impactful resume summaries, providing detailed resume feedback, and writing engaging LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Our cover letter generator has saved users countless hours.

    CareerCraftAI is built with insights from expert recruiters and continuously improved through user feedback and algorithm enhancements. Try it yourself to see the difference.

  • Our AI tools come with different credit requirements: creating a personalized cover letter uses 10 credits, resume feedback uses 20 credits, while generating a LinkedIn/Twitter profile requires 5 credits. Choose professional plan to generate an impactful cover letter for less than $1, or get detailed resume feedback for less than $2 — much cheaper and faster than Fiverr (we take seconds). Please note that unused credits expire at the end of their validity period.

  • Cover Letter generator algorithm analyzes your resume and the job description to create a personalized cover letter, highlighting your experience and skills in alignment with the specific job requirements. The result is a concise and impactful cover letter, without the unnecessary fluff often found in other AI tools.

  • Resume Feedback AI, built with insights from expert recruiters, helps improve your resume. This AI tool examines your resume for ATS compliance, grammar accuracy, industry-specific keyword optimization, and more. You will receive personalized suggestions, including impactful sentence rephrasing and standout strategies, ensuring your resume catches recruiters' attention and helps you land your dream job.

  • CareerCraftAI provides AI tools to craft engaging bios for LinkedIn and Twitter in various tones, including professional, informal, and humorous styles.

  • While CareerCraftAI creates powerful drafts, we recommend reviewing and editing them to tailor the content to your unique style and preferences. Make it truly yours!

  • While these general-purpose AI models are helpful, CareerCraftAI is specifically built for job applications. Our platform uses advanced, fine-tuned algorithms to analyze resumes and job descriptions, creating customized cover letters. It generates resume summaries optimized for the F-pattern used by hiring managers, and our resume feedback is based on expert recruiter insights. CareerCraftAI is your dedicated platform for effortless job applications, offering AI tools thoughtfully designed for your career success.

  • We use LinkedIn's most privacy-respecting 'Sign-in' feature. By granting permissions, our application only accesses your name, email, and photo. Rest assured, LinkedIn does not share any additional information, such as your password, profile details, or phone number, with our application.

  • We value your privacy and control over your information. When you use 'Sign-in with LinkedIn,' the permission granted doesn't include access to your bio. Therefore, we give you the option to manually copy it, ensuring your consent and control before it is stored in our application.

    Similarly, we cannot add or modify any information in your LinkedIn profile.

  • Certainly! Enjoy a free trial with CareerCraftAI tools — explore the platform, experience its capabilities, and decide if it suits your needs before purchasing credits. Plus, no credit card is required for the free trial.

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